Complaints Policy and Procedure

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Complaints Policy and Procedure

Where someone, whether an employee, volunteer, guest or visitor, wishes to complain about the actions or behaviour of a member of staff or a volunteer at Living Well Bromley, they should contact their team leader or administrator. 

If the complaint is against their team leader or administrator or they feel that their complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily then they may contact the Chair of Trustees. 

The process for complaints should be as follows: 

1.Informal stage 

As far as possible, a complaint, whether received verbally, by telephone or in writing, should be responded to as soon as possible and every attempt should be made to defuse the situation and address the issue without recourse to more formal procedures. It will normally be the responsibility of the Director of Operations to handle such a situation. 

2.Formal stage 

If a more substantial, formal response is required, a complaint should immediately be formally recorded and acknowledged within 48 hours. Each complaint will be investigated within seven days by the administrator, staff / volunteers authorised to deal with complaints. The Chair of Trustees will be kept informed at all times. 

The complainant will receive a written response within two weeks of the complaint being lodged.  At this stage negotiation should take place with the complainant to attempt to redress the complaint, a full record being kept of all discussion and action. 

The complainant, if still not satisfied with the response received to the complaint, may write within 28 days directly to the Chair of Trustees of Living Well Bromley.  The complainant may use another person to write the complaint.  The Chair will respond within 28 days of receipt of the complaint informing the complainant of the decision made. 

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