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Blend - Creative Cafe & Community Choir

Blend - Creative Cafe & Community Choir

Music, creativity and community


Our community choir and creative café - BLEND - usually meets every Thursday at 7pm.  Blend is about blending voices together to make music, as well as making friends - an opportunity to come and sing, or just sit and enjoy listening to the choir.  The choir is made up of members of the Living Well community and give regular concerts. The choir is led by Kerst Sikkema and we sing a range of different types of music.  

Over the years we have also written and shared our poetry and prose. During our open mic times there is space to share: we let each other know what we express through various forms of art. These are precious times of friends sharing life together - we share our gifts and hold each other up when times are tough. Come along, join us and share what you can bring!


Here's what members of the community choir have to say:

‘It’s a place with a history, starting with foodbank. It gives me somewhere to go, meet friends and not being isolated when you live alone like me. 
There are people here to bounce (creative) ideas off with!’

‘Group participation and feeling included in an enjoyable activity. Spiritual and positive experience.’

‘I’m 85 and live on my own. Blend Cafe gave me the opportunity to meet creative people and to grow and develop and to feel cared for. 
We all feel cared for in this atmosphere. Our expression - in our case singing - give us a sense of solidarity and we learn about each other. We feel free to be able to express ourselves.’

‘it’s great to sing with good voices and see everyone on a weekly basis - it’s great that the church provides teas and cakes’

"Blend is about good music and friendship – sharing creativity"

"It's joyful, it feels like we’re a family, makes you feel safe and happy" 

"It's fun, happy and supportive – it's well worth giving it a try" - 

"A good group and good for my confidence"



"It’s fun and it’s somewhere you can enjoy yourself and get to know new people"

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