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2021 - 'Happy' New Year?

2021 - 'Happy' New Year?

May we all have our hopes, our will to try ….  Man is a fool and he thinks he is ok, dragging on feet of clay ....

A great song with amazing words from ABBA from about forty years ago - and still they are so current: we are of clay and not as strong as we think we are … Welcome to our BLEND blog! Though from a distance at the moment, we have had a very creative and inspiring year in our BLEND community. We kept going - and that’s what we like to show in this blog :-)

What did the lockdown bring to us? Many of have suffered loss: financially and socially. Serious stuff, utterly sad at times. But there is also much we have learned within our group of BLEND creatives and musicians. 

Personally, I found it really hard to stay at home and mix work, social life and relaxation in one room. It certainly didn't help my creative side of life. I was so grateful for us to meet outside! I felt so liberated to share music in the Friday queue! At a deeper level, I also realised that 2020 was a year that showed what really mattered, what is worth prioritising and what will stand the test of time (like ‘Happy New Year’  stood the test of forty years!) … What and whom really belongs in my life? What should I really focus on? 2020 taught us much about the colours of life - those colours with a deeper pigment…  Someone within BLEND who really knows about the highs and lows of life, put the meaning of 2020 in these beautiful words:

‘People had so much more in them than they thought they had’ 

2020 wasn't easy but it was worth living it, as well as sharing it with our artistic community of friends, writers and singers. 2021 has a tough start, but we have much to hold on to, as we still share it together, as much as we can. 

With blessings of peace and safety,



Here some more insightful thoughts and reflections from us, BLENDers:

For the moment in relation to 2020, this sentence by Simone Weil: “The love of our neighbour in all its fullness simply means being able to say, “What are you going through?”   ‘


LOCKDOWN: I have been “thrown back into myself”.  A chance to discover all the thoughts, experiences, culture that has been stored away positive and negative that I have not “rested” upon until now. Friends and People I have known and know are with me again to explore what we had, what we could have had and how much we have meant to each other past and present and the lessons positive and negative that I have learnt from all of you. ‘Thank you my family, friends.  In a strange way we are closer than ever although isolated we still share and hope for “our world” together.’

Posted by: Kerst Sikkema Date: 28th January 2021

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